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Paying homage to its location at the nexus of Wynwood and the Design District, Forma's art program draws inspiration from these two neighborhoods and the city of Miami as a whole. Forma captures its hometown's cultural zeitgeist through an eclectic installation of mixed media artworks by local and globally renowned artists. Thoughtfully curated in dialogue with Rockwell Group’s deep focus on space-making, Forma’s art program establishes a sense of place and community, creating an inspiring living experience and setting a new cultural standard for apartment living.

Whole Foods Market next to the Forma apartments in Miami with the mural, "Track & Field" painted by Arturo Herrera.

Arturo Herrera

Track & Field


In the resounding spirit of the large, abstract murals present throughout the streets of Wynwood, the internationally celebrated artist Arturo Herrera has created a monumental public artwork for the exterior of Forma Miami. Titled Track & Field, the hand-painted mural is featured on the east façade of the tower, facing Biscayne Boulevard, and spanning nearly a full city block.

Track and Field has an expansive pallet of many vibrant colors which conveys the lively energy of Miami. The broad range of biomorphic and geometric shapes suggest a multitude of narratives subject to the eye of the beholder. Within this fluidity of interpretation, a repetitive figuration stands out. It suggests a band procession promenading southward towards the entrance to Forma Miami, heralding the rise of its architecturally significant tower above.

Lobby at Forma Miami apartment rentals in Miami with the Arturo Herrera painting titled "Mirror" on the wall by the reception.

Arturo Herrera



Arturo Herrera, the artist behind Forma’s exterior mural, has also created a wall-to-wall mural titled Mirror, prominently displayed in Forma's Lobby. Moderating the vibrancy and color-saturated quality of his exterior mural, Mirror employs just two colors to warmly welcome residents and visitors. Its monumental scale and complex abstract shapes inspire amazement and awe in the viewer, and its rich red color evokes Miami's stunning sunsets. Mirror positions Forma’s lobby, located at Miami’s premier intersection into Wynwood, as a celebratory point of entry into the tower as well as the exciting gallery of Wynwood’s street murals.

The painting titled "Wish You Were Here" by Tomas Vu is displayed in Forma Miami's private dining room.

Tomas Vu

Wish You Were Here

Acrylic, silkscreen, laser cut wood veneer, holographic paper, and colored pencil on metal

Tomas Vu’s galactic composition Wish You Were Here, displayed in Forma Miami’s Private Dining Room, is perfectly positioned on the top floor of the tower to take visitors on a journey into the cosmos. Accentuating brilliant sunset views with tones of red, orange, and yellow, the painting transitions into a nighttime palette of blues, violets, and velvet black, conjuring an awe-inspiring astronomical dreamscape. The painting is very large in scale but painted on a very thin piece of metal projected off the wall’s surface, conveying the weightlessness experienced in outer space. Like the great Renaissance painters who invented linear perspective to expand flat walls into three dimensions, Wish You Were Here invites residents into a limitless world of endless possibilities.

Painting by Erik Schmidt titled 'Jnana'. A painting depicting a bottom-up view of a palm tree, a signature feature in Miami.

Erik Schmidt


Oil on Fine Art Print on Canvas

The abundance of palm trees is a signature feature of Miami. In Forma's lobby, the perspective of Erik Schmidt’s painting Jnana gives the spectator a bottom-up view of a palm tree. Its leaves transform into dynamic rays that capture the velocity and exuberance of Miami’s city life. Jnana presents an extremely expressive display of thick brushstrokes in which Schmidt uses the technique of overpainting on printed canvas. Paint reaches a palpable sculptural quality, transforming inner vibrations into pure color.

The artwork 'Samples/Miami Wall' by Gregory Watin samples parts of Miami's history incorporating elements of graffiti.

Gregory Watin

Samples/Miami Wall

Digital etching, paint, plexiglass, and metal on wood

Miami is a young city compared to other capitals, but in a little over a century, it has amassed a rich cultural history. In the artwork Samples/Miami Wall, Gregory Watin samples parts of Miami’s history like a DJ samples portions of a recording. He does this using a mixed media language incorporating elements of graffiti inspired by the street murals of Wynwood. Represented are 20th-century icons that existed close to Forma Miami, like the Sears/Roebuck department store tower on Biscayne Blvd, which is now part of the Adrienne Arsht Center of the Performing Arts. Another is the famed Royal Castle hamburger joint on 87th Street and Biscayne Boulevard with its famous motto, "Fit for a King". Other Miami icons represented include Flipper, the famous bottlenose dolphin who starred in the eponymous 1960s hit TV series filmed in Miami, and Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, a timeless jewel of Mediterranean architecture built on the mouth of Biscayne Bay.

Jessy Nite's work, 'Like Paradise', is displayed in the lobby at Forma projecting light onto the text to create colored shadows.

Jessy Nite

Like Paradise

Light, Shadow, and Acrylic Glass

Miami is a city imbued with light, whether from the power of the sun, the reflection of the ocean, twinkle of the bay, neon of Deco Drive, dazzling Downtown facades, or shimmering Design District window displays. Living and working in Miami, Nite harnesses light to present a novel way to experience art. She projects light onto text to create colored shadows that reveal messages. Nite’s work Like Paradise, in the lobby of Forma, evokes life at Forma and Miami’s celebrated lifestyle. This work resonates with the spirit of Miami being like paradise.

Installed in Forma Miami's 9th-floor resident's lounge, Paul Amundarian's 'Barrier' fills the room with energy.

Paul Amundarian


Paint, silkscreen, and mirror on aluminum

Centrally displayed above the signature indigo velvet banquets in Forma Miami’s ninth-floor resident lounge, Paul Amundarian’s artwork Barrier spans 36 aluminum fins, each clad with a colored mirror face and spraypainted along the edges. Installed Northward opposite majestic double-height glazing, the artwork’s mirror beautifully diffuses sunlight to fill the living room with a simultaneously lively and sublime energy. The colorfully spraypainted abstract, angular shapes and boldly graphic black and white palm fronds painted along the edges embody both the rebellious spirit of Wynwood’s street art and the city’s milieu of an urban tropical paradise. As the viewer walks past the work, the perspective of the piece changes and a new image arises. In these ways, Barrier captures the multifaceted character of Miami. Amundarain lives and works between Miami and Mexico City.

The sculpture 'Lovetriangle' by Adam Parker Smith, displayed at Forma, depicts a triangle of pink heart-shaped balloons.

Adam Parker Smith


Polished stainless steel sculpture on Carrara marble plinth

Adam Parker Smith’s sculpture Lovetriangle, on display at the entrance to Forma's ninth-floor living room, depicts a triangle of pink heart-shaped balloons floating atop a softly striated Carrara marble plinth. The lustrous surfaces of the balloons evoke Miami’s light and shimmering facades. Pink is the color of Miami. The pastel pinks of the Art Deco district, Florida’s iconic flamingos, the pink fabric of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Surrounded Islands, Arquitectonica’s famed Pink House, the iconic style of Miami Vice, Miami’s pink-hued sunsets and the all-pink uniforms of Inter Miami contextualize Lovetriangle’s pink color in this storied tradition. The sturdy steel construction of the balloons belies their weightlessness to convey the sculpture and its home at Forma as timeless homages to the city and its love for the color pink.

'Surface to Air', a painting by Michael Bevilacqua, is displayed in Forma Miami's co-working space.

Michael Bevilacqua

Surface to Air

Acrylic on canvas

Across the monumental 24’ length of Michael Bevilacqua’s painting Surface to Air displayed in Forma Miami’s 10th floor co-working, the artist uses a striking array of artistic languages. The flip of the wrist gestures denoting flowers, still-life bottles in the style of Morandi, transparent washes of an overcoat, Pop aesthetic of an apple core and abstract expressionist splashes of water all exist in eye-catching relationship to each other. Bevilacqua’s artistic approach combines an enthusiasm for pop culture with a sophisticated study of modern painting. There is pleasure in experiencing so many different moods on a single picture plane.

The polished aluminum sculpture hanging in Forma Miami's resident lounge is titled 'Cloud of Atoms' by Brad Howe.

Brad Howe

Cloud of Atoms

Polished aluminum sculpture

Enveloped by Forma Miami’s distinguished bronze staircase in the ninth-floor resident lounge, Brad Howe’s sculpture Cloud of Atoms descends 20 feet from the ceiling in a mesmerizing display of optical brilliance. The work is composed of over 1000 polished aluminum paddles wired together with both scientific precision and the technical mastery of an haute couturier. Custom lighting projects onto the paddles to create a glimmering spectacle that dapples across the lounge in the spirit of Renoir’s famous painting Bal du Moulin de la Galette. Elemental in detail and universal in concept, Cloud of Atoms brings to mind the building blocks of the universe as well as Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic 1983 ‘sardine’ dress. The dress, comprised of thousands of tiny sequins, took over 1,500 hours to stitch at Maison Lesage in Paris. Like the dress, Howe’s sculpture demonstrates the way in which detail can be organized into a state of macro elegance and beauty.

A painting of a pink swan float in a pool titled 'Swan in Pool' created by Studio Galvez features Miami's icon: Water!

Studio Galvez

Swan in Pool

Paint on canvas

Studio Galvez’s highly vibrant, retinal painting of a pink float in a pool features Miami’s best-known icon: water! The hyper-realistic focus on the object and deeply nuanced attention paid to the ripples of water transform Miami’s favorite pastime into an experience for deep contemplation. The mastery in the mixture of hyper-photographic and painterly techniques grips the viewer’s attention, elevating the subject matter into the highest genres of art.

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